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Lake Geneva, WI

Jun 23, 2013 (last date)

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Olympic, Sprint

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Open to All

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Bike - Road Run - Road Swim - Lake

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3 Reviews for Bigfoot Triathlon


Downers Grove, IL

Very well organized, compact race. Camping available onsite, plus inns, hotels, etc for every budget. Innovative timing/finish receipt with unofficial results for every finisher. Complete race report at http://midwesttriathlon.blogspot.com/2010/06/race-report-2010-bigfoot-sprint.html.


chicago, IL

Overcrowded bike course, forcing athletes to cram into a rock filled shoulder on a 55mph highway at times (though other sections were quiet farm roads).
Organizers were either yelling or using a single, poor quality bullhorn to communicate with athletes - and with the Wisconsin wind, no one heard much of anything.
Considering the huge price tag of this event, people could easily find two other races of better quality and still save money.


Chicago, IL

Swrunning or swalking – All the cool kids were doing it!

Clear sunny sky above. Cool, crisp, and dry air. Low to mid 70’s. How perfect. Then there was the wind that forced me to downgrade the weather conditions to 99.54634% perfect for racing.

The swim…er…swrun…er…swalk….portion of the race had me bear witness and participate in the newest swim techniques:
Swim + Walk = Swalk
Swim + Run = Swrun

Standing on the shore watching the first several waves start, I noticed that many began to swalk/swrun at some point during the swim course…one man even began to utilize his butterfly stroke to adjust for the waves. It was pretty interesting to see. My wave was next. Airhorn blew and we were off! I swam and did a bit of swrunning when the waves continued to blow me over to the athletes who were on their way back from the turnaround. The conditions were never dangerous, just humorous. Many conversations were had during the swim. Another first.

After the fun and social swim/swalk/swrun, the cycling leg of the race was uneventful with rolling hills and beautiful countryside scenery. It was a picturesquely nice slice of Americana, heartland style.

Normally, not being a fan of running and having done some running during the swim, the run would be my least favorite of any triathlons. However, in this race the run was my favorite of the three. What?! It was a trail run with mild undulating terrain. Thanks to the rain the night before, the trail was soft but not muddy. Trees provided a lovely canopy and shielded us all from the wind. It was a fabulous run course. My knees were thankful. It was a great way to finish the race.

The goodie bag/swag was the best I have ever gotten! A nice quality transition bag & towel plus a visor (royal blue, black, pink, and khaki were the color options). Sweeeeet!!

The race was well organized, course was easy to navigate and well marked, and the staff and volunteers were very friendly. The overall vibe of the race was very chill. The field is capped at 1000 total, sprint + Olympic. This would be a great race to consider for first timers.





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