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Little Rock, AR

Mar 03, 2013 (last date)

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Half Marathon, Marathon, 5K, 10K

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Open to All

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Run - Road

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3 Reviews for Little Rock Marathon


Goose Creek, SC

This is a gem,a great marathon,fantastic organization,friendly volunteers and a very friendly city.
The course,depending were you live,has hills,but nothing too bad,and you get to see most of Little Rock. You run past the Clinton Library,The Governors Home( he was there waving at us),the Capitol, Central High School and much more. Support was fantastic,aid stations and porta potties all along the course. The Medal you get is HUGH,and sure makes you feel like a winner.
The pre race pasta dinner is one of the best anywere,held at the Peabody Hotel,you have to make sure you dont over eat,its that good.
After the marathon,there is a party with food and drink held at the Clinton Library were you can share marathon stories,so i recommend not to leave till Monday.
Next year is the 10th running,so will be special,and this is a must do event.


San Francisco, CA

Small, but very family friendly. It was a bit confusing picking up the packet. I didn't know they had to take your timing chip to activate it at the expo as it wasn't mentioned in the race book so I was surprised when one of the volunteers tried to grab my timing chip away from me.

There are rolling hills on the course, so be prepared. You do get to run through the pleasant neighborhoods, which helped distract from the hills. The worst part is between miles 13 and 16 where the course goes uphill. The best part is between miles 16 and 18 when you run downhill with the beautiful homes on the right side and the more beautiful trees on the left. It's a boring out-and-back between miles 18-23, but at least it was flat. Also, they discourage MP3 players. Although the race book says it will disqualify runners who run with headphones, it didn't look like that was enforced. Many runners still ran with their music. I had my iPod on me, but I didn't use it, although I could have. This was my first marathon I ran without using my iPod, and I really didn't miss it during the race.

This is very walker-friendly, as walkers have an option of starting 2 hours ahead. This is plenty of time for them to get far enough ahead before the elite runners catch up and not get in their way. I didn't catch up to the walkers until mile 16. Although there was a corral system, people were not lined up properly by pace time. I was in the Open Corral (the last one), and I had to dodge through all of these race walkers for the first mile or so. One thing I liked was the halfers and relay runners had to wear signs on the back of their shirt indicating if they were running the half or the relay. Mentally, it made it easier for me knowing who was doing the full and who wasn't. If I saw a runner who didn't look tired at mile 22, but then saw she was running a Relay sign, then I didn't feel as bad.

Aid stations:
Plenty of them, with both water and electrolytes. Several stations had gels and food. Volunteers were super friendly and encouraging.

We didn't get any goody bags, just a participant shirt. It was a short sleeve tech shirt, and the marathoners and halfers got different color shirts. The shirts are unisex, and being a smaller woman, a unisex small is still too big for me. When I registered, I selected a youth large, and that fit me pretty well. I had heard from repeat runners that Little Rock also gives out a finisher's shirt, but due to lack of sponsors, they didn't give them out this year. I'm still happy with what I got, and they were selling extra participant shirts at the post-race festival for $5. The best perk - the medal! The biggest medal I've ever seen, and I've uploaded a picture of the 2010 medal next to a measuring tape so you can see it's practically 8 inches tall.


west Point, NY

FANTASTIC!!!! Whatever you think you know about what makes a "good" marathon, get ready to rethink! This marathon had great staff, good course, great support, kickin' participants (the first and ONLY time an elite has acknowledged my existence - I cheer for everyone), amazing goodies, and frankly, it's a race that makes me proud to be in the running/walking communities!

They stay open and enthusiastic until the very last runner/walker comes in, they just never stop cheering! Everyone gets to bask in the glory of her/his accomplishment, not just the really fast or the pretty fast - EVERYONE!

The kid's race was also great! If you have kids who are interested, this is an exceptional event!

I would highly recommend this race to everyone and anyone! Absolutely outstanding and would be an amazing first time race!





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